Supply Solutions for Trading of Lubricants

As a major producer and supplier of Crude Oil in the world, Iran has the right economics and infrastructure to manufacture and supply Lubricating Oils and their derivatives. Since the manufacturing of the base materials including Base Oil, Rubber Process Oil (RPO) and Slack wax are limited to government facilities, the need to assist the supply chain from refinery to end-user has been crucial. Zista Group has been bridging this gap through purchasing the Virgin and Standard products from the certified refineries and delivering the lubricants to several Asian countries. 

RPO Rubber Process Oil

The added value in the supply chain, has been implemented by Zista Group through Financing, Skillful trading methods, packaging solutions for Bulk material supply and logistics procedures resulting in clients’ comfort to make the purchase of their Lubricants Requirements from Iran.

In addition, to assist the private sector downstream, Zista Group has been active in providing trading service to Paraffin and Engine Oil manufacturers to fill the gap between the international market and Iranian production of lubricants further, while increasing the added value of business by exporting final products to India, Libya and several other countries.

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Base Oil in Flexi Bag
Paraffin Wax in Cartons
Slack Wax Light