Refining – Petroleum Bitumen

Petroleum bitumen commonly called Bitumen is a fractional by-product of crude oil distillation. The raw material for bitumen is obtained as a residue at the bottom of distillation thank which is generally called Slurry and in Iran it is called Vacuum Bottom or VB.

VB is transported from major governmental crude oil refineries in Iran to hundreds of bitumen refineries and factories as the SOLE standard raw material to make penetration bitumen. By processing the VB at bitumen refinery, different grades of Petroleum bitumen can be obtained including 60-70 and 80-100 grade which are the standard common grades of Iranian bitumen exports.

Zista Group has been an exporter of Iranian bitumen since 2010 and our primary strategy was only to purchase cargo or fix allocations from two major bitumen refineries in Iran, Jey Oil or Pasargad Refinery. During the years, as Iran Bitumen market expanded internationally, so as the number of VB processing facilities and production of Jey and Pasargad refineries.

This market expansion was joyful and damaging at the same time. While more end-users tend to purchase Iranian bitumen generating more trading opportunities for suppliers, in the same time the quality steadiness was endangered by variety of factories, defaulted processing methods even by Jey and Pasargad refineries and financial scandals on sanction crossing transactions causing suppliers and buyers both to suffer the consequences.

To tackle the challenge, founders of Zista Group decided to make an investment in one of the most decorated private facilities of Bitumen refining in Iran in order to make sure of proper processing method of VB and quality steadiness to provide a secure clean business to our clients in Africa and Asia.

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Penetration Bitumen
Penetration Bitumen