Metal Processing

Metal casting which is one of the main metal processing methods, is a modern process with ancient roots. In the metal casting process, metal shapes are formed by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity, where it is cooled and later extracted from the mold. Metal casting is one of the earliest and most influential industrial process in history. Nowadays many of the metal objects used in our daily lives are produced through foundry casting: automotive parts, train wheels, lamp posts, school bus pedals, fittings, and much more. Plus, metal casting foundry rely on metal recycling as a cost-efficient source of raw material, significantly reducing wasted scrap metal that might end up in landfills.

metal processing zista group
metal processing zista group

Various types of metals and alloys are used as starting materials, Basic metal processing techniques include:

  • Smelting and refining of metal ores and scrap
  • Casting molten metals into a given shape (FOUNDRY)
  • Hammering or pressing metals into the shape of a die (Hot or Cold Forging)
  • Welding and cutting sheet metal
  • Sintering (Compressing and Heating Materials in Powder Form, including one or more Metals)
  • Shaping metals on a lathe
metal processing zista group
metal processing zista group

Iran is a country rich in metal resources and with actively large supply market of metal scraps; while being an oil country the energy costs are reasonable. All above combine into a very competitive edge for Foundry Metal Casting considering a large domestic market and good chances of joining international supply.

Zista Group started exporting foundry products in 2017 based on own in house engineering and design and in 2020 made an investment in one foundry facility to keep a steady supply for the regular clients obtained. Low Costing, High quality design and molding in addition to proper delivery and professional logistics has secured international market for Iran foundry products supplied by Zista group in several items including Manhole Covers, Bends and other joints and saddles.

In addition, in order to support our clients worldwide to get an advantage on Ferroalloy products from Iran origin, Zista group has been providing supply solutions for the export of Ferrochrome, Ferrosilicon and Ferrosilicon manganese from certified Iranian manufacturers.

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