Refining – Blown Bitumen

Blown Bitumen or oxidized bitumen is a medium to small scale production of bitumen handled by both large Oil companies and small factories in number of countries worldwide.

Also it is possible to achieve certain specifications of oxidized bitumen through blending slurry with other materials originated from crude oil such as refinery sludge which is common in small factories as Oxygen Blowing procedure requires higher primary investment on technology and fixed assets.

Basically Oxidized bitumen is manufactured by passing air through Slurry or Bitumen. By doing so, the bituminous material characteristics change from a high penetration level to lower penetration while increasing the softening point in most cases. This method is used by large bitumen refineries to have a clean and high quality output on larger scale.

Oxidized Bitumen Product

To achieve an optimized production scale and procedure, Zista Group has set up a factory of Oxidized Bitumen manufacturing compatible to make both production methods in order to respond to higher quality demands such as pipe coating and have an economical competitive supply for more price sensitive applications such as bituminous membranes.

Oxidized Bitumen Product

For more information about Oxidized Bitumen please visit specialized supply platform of Zista Group for Blown Bitumen: