Zista Group was primary established in 2005 by its founders with backgrounds in industry and management with the aim of empowering Iranian minor and averaged size industries to flourish in international markets.

The basic strategy has been to firstly understanding the requirements of international markets to establish a proper base ground for manufacturing, and in second step modifying the state of production in factories and mines to adapt to international standards and requirements.


Zista Group has created two Bitumen factories to refine Crude Oil Slurry into Bitumen Products. One Factory in central Iran to make Penetration Bitumen Grades and one in West of Iran to produce Hard Bitumen (Oxidized Bitumen) Grades.


Metal Processing

Zista Group has transformed a traditional foundry with over 30 years of accumulated expertise into a modern and high performance metal casting foundry by providing financial investment and business management.



Zista Group has made significant upstream investments in Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) deposits and one processing facility in West of Iran to assure a stable production and supply.



Zista Group has achieved in house technology to formulate and manufacture DPF for Diesel Vehicles and Catalytic Converters for Motorcycle with years of research and development.


Supply Solutions

Zista Group has a capable and professional team in the field of international trading actively handling and trading certain products for several industries including Oil Drilling Sector, Construction, Lubricants, Food Industry and Plastic Industries.