Supply Solutions for Agricultural Products – Food Sector

Zista Group started its activities in the Food Sector in 2014 through providing quality control and inspection services provided to connections of the company and expanding to full supply solutions on several items from the agriculture sector. Having extremely high technical expertise, Zista Group have secured high quality supply on several food items including Caviar, Barberry, Jujube, Capers, Dates and Fruit Concentrates.

Pomegranate Concentrate

As always, Zista Group strategy and history is to empower the mid-size and small sizes industries through achieving international markets and by providing technical and financial support to Fruit Juice Concentrate factories Zista Group has upgraded the quality of product through supply of exceptional packaging solutions resulting in higher shelf life and chances of long distance transports to develop export markets for Iranian Fruit Juice Concentrates including Pomegranate, Apricot, Barberry and Date Concentrates.

Rabbi Date

The key factor in supply of food stuff is the Quality Control and conformity with Health regulations which is carefully examined under our health regulation conformity center to make sure of stable and successful deliveries to clients worldwide.

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