Innovation and in House Technology

As a principal goal, Zista Group aims to empower small and mid-size industries by providing technical knowledge to improve the current technologies or to domesticize foreign technologies used in the industry. Our most advanced successful case has been creating the technology to produce Catalytic Convertors and replace the imported product in the Iranian Motorcycle and Truck Industry.

Oxidation Catalyst DPF Diesel Fuel NO2 Decomposition Catalyst

A catalytic converter is an emission control device to convert toxic gases and pollutants in an exhaust engine to less toxic pollutants according to environmental standards. In order to control the emissions, a complex formulation of chemicals need to be applied as a coating into a metallic/ceramic based component called Honeycomb.

Kawasaki ZX10 Launch 2004

After three years and R&D eventually our engineers and technical staff created the proper formulations to achieve Euro II, Euro III and Euro IV emission output, making Zista Group the ONE AND ONLY producer of Catalytic Convertors for Motorcycles and Trucks in Iran, replacing thousands of dollars of import from China & Germany with an economical and available domestic production.

Our next generation Motorcycle catalysts will soon be passing Euro V emission standard while we are working hard to design and manufacture catalytic convertors for vehicles as our next development stage.